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I think the difference is the matrix metering. Nikon made a really big deal out of that when it was introduced.

- Leigh
FA also adds program shooting mode. It needs an AIS lens to work properly & shifts into a high speed program when anything longer that a 135mm lens is put on it (IIRC?). I bought an FA new back in 1986 & have been very happy with it. I have had no problems with it beyond the foam needing to be replaced.

I have an FE2 as well, picking one up cheap off of ebay a few years back. Out of the two I much prefer to use the FA. Two things that swing it for me are having an MD15 attached to the FA so find that it handles better & I prefer the LCD to a needle in the viewfinder. I also much prefer the FM2's LED viewfinder to the FE2's needle.