I have acquired a Crown Graphic 4x5 and I have a few questions:

1) From my research the back it came with is a Graflok back (see photo 3) - correct?
2) It appears that the ground glass is sitting on top of a fresnel screen (see photo 2)
3) I would like to clean the ground glass - based on your experience is it as simple as removing the brackets shown?(see photo 1) Any shims or other smaller parts I have to be on the look out for?
4) Have read alot about the cleaning and soap and water comes up the most for both the GG and the Fresnal - based on your experience any advice you would pass on.

Clean the GG, test the shutter speeds, test the bellows and then load my first film in the holders and I think I will be ready for the field test.

Thank you in advance for your insight and help.