I'm glad I posted now as there's all sorts of things that had escaped my "analysis" of this one.

David I'd count that as 2 and in a way your jest could be true. With the F100 I can capture an event easier but on the other hand I'm less creative. Sounds like we maybe walking the same path, it's a shame I'm not working and living up there in Middle England anymore (well as far as it would be nice to meet up for a drink and see your prints in real life, I prefer everyday life here at home though).

Suzanne it is the best camera I've ever used for speed and flash, especially with the SB-28 fitted. Up side is occasionally use flash, downside is that I hate using it if I can get away without it.

John again many good points and don't worry about digressing it was interesting.

Lee I did that when I moved from the Pentax LX to Nikon thinking I needed it. Dam I miss that beastie and not seen one in as good a condition ever since that didn't have a huge price tag.

I think with many of us we go through so many thoughts before buying a camera that when our needs and usage change it's difficult to decide if our purchase is still valid. Certainly the creative part is very important and that is one thing that I don't feel with the F100. Too many options and manual focus isn't always easy with those metering "target" in the field of view.