Two other techno things that the FA has over the FE2 are shutter priority shooting mode & a cybernetic override facility on the exposure.

Pinched from Ken Rockwell's review of the FA at

"The FA offers Cybernetic Override, which new Nikons omit but Canon includes. This always active mode allows the camera to alter the chosen aperture or shutter speed in S or A automatic modes if the lighting changes and the camera runs out of suitable shutter speeds or apertures at the setting you've chosen. This way it is almost impossible to make a bad exposure, even if you make a silly choice in shutter- or aperture-priority modes. I like this a lot: with the modern Nikon AF cameras one has to adjust the settings manually if the light changes or get a bad exposure."

Another good place to look for FA info is Mir.

The matrix meter by the way is a bit primative & can be foiled by turning the camera from landscape to portrait orientation according to what I have read. I haven't experienced it. One thing that the FE2 has over the FA is an exposure lock. Maybe they didn't think it was needed with the matrix metering?

Preferring LCD over needle is a personal thing. The only display that I have met that I have liked less than a needle is the LED one in the F301/N2000.
I agree that the other point could be cured by getting an MD 12. The FA should have a little finger grip on the right hand side (it has to come off if an MD is being fitted & a lot you see for sale are missing it) The FE2 lacks one & providing it is still on the FA, you may find it feels a bit better in your hands?