I recently scored myself a "good" XA3 that was working when i got it, i managed to shoot a roll of c41 film to test it with and my first photos turned out great, i then moved on to E6, which i originally bought this camera for, taking photos on the snow during our snowboarding trips. After my first roll of E6 was shot on it, i put a new roll of film into it and was only able to take a couple of photos before the shutter stopped working and the green light comes on inside the viewfinder, at first i thought the battery for the light meter had ran out, even though the battery test made a good beep, i was told to buy a couple of SR44 cells for it, as they use alot of power, so he said. Anyway, it made no difference $14 later for 2 new batteries.
Im just hoping its nothing major wrong with it, i initially thought maybe the camera got damp perhaps and damaged the electronics? my hands at times were wet from snow while using it, but the camera never really got wet.

TIA for any help, i dont know how about i go as far as repairs go with a half exposed film still inside.