The XA series is tiny, sexy, nice, and other more perfidious four letter words. It's the damn shutter button that causes so much angst. I have disassembled the top part and was strucken with how cheaply made the contact mechanism is. Honestly, I do not know whether it is the actual metal not making contact or if there is a 'computer glitch' (because a few seconds later the button will fire nicely) but the frustration causes me, at least, to question the 'professionalism' of this camera. Olympus lenses are with the best but I have NEVER loved the OM series bodies either. The build quality is, in my estimation, not up to the Pentaxes, Minoltas, and Canons. Maitani sold a small SLR camera built primarily upon "sex appeal", although, again, his lenses are great. - David Lyga