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Keep it in your bag until you are ready to use it. Clean it up when you are home. UV filter.
This is the recurring theme.

What I do... My "bag" (designed for backpacking) is a modified REI pack pocket. The camera goes in a foam-padded pouch, inside a home-made Cuben sack, inside a Mylar turkey bag.

So I could (and did) go down Bigfoot Rapids at Knott's Berry Farm with the pack and not fear it getting wet (I did fear just a little but I didn't have to).

The only thing I'd add to the water-resistant bag for carrying to and from the scene, is a temporary sack or bag that you can put over the camera on the tripod (assumes you use a tripod) on the days you actually are photographing during a storm involving rain/wind/sand. And some kind of towel to wipe the immediate water off.