Two questions:

Is there a simple way to make a light lock for entering a darkroom without letting light in? I remember using revolving doors or just a zig-zag path when I worked as a journalist. I wouldn't want to use a revolving door. But is there a way to make a simple light lock by just putting up some walls or curtains. It would be great to be able to let air in and also sneak out for a glass of red wine while waiting for the lith print to develop.

Also: Is it possible to use a computer in the darkroom? Maybe a combination of rubylith and some sort of baffles? Anyone did it?

My first darkroom was me sitting on the floor of our really small appartement bathroom. As you can understand, my new darkroom is going to be huge! Now I just have to wait for the old oil boiler and tank to be removed before I can start!