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I make a point of wiping all exposed parts of my camera gear with a silicone-infused gun and reel cloth after any exposure to a salt environment. Look for one in the gun cleaning supplies section of a big sporting goods store. This provides some small measure of cleaning and protection to the most exposed surfaces. (Makes the gear look nice and spiffy, too!)

I usually have a yellow or other filter on the lens when working at the coast, so salty mist on the lens elements is not a big concern. I do clean the lens carefully if I've been working without the filter. Just breathe on the front element after a walk on the beach, and you'll see tiny spots of dried moisture. I breathe on it again and wipe it clean. As someone said in a previous post, sand is the real danger.

Peter Gomena
Good advice, but... cleaning lenses at the beach is where all cleaning marks come from (not precisely true but you know what I mean)...

On location, I'd daub off water but not rub. Clean carefully at home after the trip, making sure all sand is off before rubbing the lens with anything.