I've been getting requests for lenses for monstrously large cameras and even for a portable Camera Obscura.
This 1000mm f:13.7 nugget is a step in that direction.
I can confirm that it will easily cover a 24x32" negative or wet plate.

To verify coverage, I made a 24x32x42" dark box with a way to mount a lens in the end wall.
I climbed under a black-out cloth to see what was happening under there...
The white wall on the end of the box displayed the glorious scene of a summer day in my back yard.
Too bad my dark box wasn't larger, I have no doubt the lens would illuminate a much larger image circle.
I'm even thinking of making a knock-down tent-like Camera Obscura just so I can evaluate whopper lenses...
Will this madness ever stop?

If you've been stricken with this madness, this lens is yours for $125 + shipping.
As usual, you get five aperture cards, mounting screws, a cleaning cloth, and documentation.
Oh, and you'll need more than 1000mm (40") of bellows draw...

If you need a lens a bit smaller, go here...
Plus some photo's made with various meniscus lenses.