I just developed my final roll of Kodak HIE, bought for a quid in Jessops in 2010, frozen for a year, thawed out when my freezer died and then refrigerated for a year, then spent a fortnight in my warm darkroom. I photographed buildings in my home town with my Yashica 635 in June/July 2012 using the panoramic setting. This was only the fourth time I've tried HIE. I exposed it through an orange filter and a meter set at EI100. The resulting negatives have a good dynamic range and most are acceptable, and I'm looking forward to printing them. That should give hope to those with some HIE still frozen - it's not as delicate as we thought.

I'm disappointed as there's a tramline right down the filmstrip! So I might have to turn to the dark side. Oh well, I'll try another roll.... oh wait I can't - Mama took my HIE away!