Thanks everyone for the comments so far:

Mark -- how much are you pushing, and what dilutions are you using?

J-dogg -- a separate but related issue is gear use for me -- I'm currently researching options (faster lenses for Nikon 35mm, brighter screens (?) for my Bronica SQ and/or possibly another MF rig, "string" tripod, etc ...)

Nicolai -- do you have some examples or specific details to share?

Skip -- you're right, but it seems to be only available in 35mm. That being said, I'd be interested in your experiences with it.

Brian -- Have you posted any images on APUG? Or do you have a website? Nothing seems to come up, either with the link or when I look at your profile. As I mentioned earlier, my dislike of Delta 3200 may be due to my own inexperience with it, but I am interested in others' examples of it, with details.