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Well, this stinks! It doesn't matter that I can fit 9 stops on the big Lazy Susan bearing if the physical aperture at the back of the lens is large (66 mm in an 80.2 mm plate on 12" Metrogon). The 9 stops overlap the lens so more than one is illuminated...dim idea...

I might only be able to fit 3-4 stops in a circle spaced far enough apart to not be exposed more than 1 at a time. A linear array of Waterhouse-style stops would be as long as a monorail! Hmmmm.

sounds like you might need 2 or 3 circular plates with diff apertures on them (one of them being wide open on each plate). Put 2 plates on wide open, the third one selects a smaller f-stop (or wide open, even). This way you can fit 10 stops total (3 different on each plate, and wide open).

just a thought,