Hello to all.

I need some help with a Bronica S2 Camera which I recently purchased.
This is the first time I have used a medium format camera and need to get over a hurdle with the one I just bought.

So the Camera seems to be working just fine i.e. the shutter is winding and releasing and all the usual operations are occurring however...

The winding mechanism doesn't seem to want to wind the film on past 1st marker.
When I first got the Camera the chap I bought it from popped a test roll in and showed me that it was winding on and I noticed the counter progressing.

So I got a roll of film and loaded as he showed me but when I got to about 4 shots the counter wasn't progressing anymore.
I took many shots on the roll without noticing that it had just stopped. The winding mechanism feels and sounds as though its charging the shutter but the film just isn't progressing as it did. I know it's not moving because I finally got to the end of my tether and opened the back to see where the film was and as expected the film had not wound on very far.

So I assumed that this was a mistake in loading the film and tried another roll however now it seems to moved the film to the 1st shot point but no further.

Any help / advise would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks