What kind of hoods are you using with normal focal length and wide angle lenses?

I'm thinking about getting a Lee compendium hood. I don't have any Lee stuff and I'm not interested in their filter holders etc so I'm not sure how these hoods would hook onto the camera or lens. Since I'm using some huge wide angle lenses along with the normal focal lengths, I'm wondering if I should get the Lee wide angle hood and use that for all purposes - although still have no idea how I'll put it on the lens or attach it to the camera.

To anyone out there who also masks the lens, I'm curious to hear about how you do it. I'm hoping if I get the Lee wide angle hood I can somehow put together a kind of makeshift mask or cardboard blades or something I can attach to the lens hood.

I always wanted some type of adjustable hood that also had masking blades, but I don't know of anything unless you are in the Sinar or Linhof system, which I'm not. Anyway even so, the prices on those particular accessories are mildly insane to say the least.