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Like Mirko Boeddecker August 5, 2012

There are currently Closed.
I have Probelme known I would not express but as above. I'll be flying down in two weeks and then we'll see.

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Unfortunately I can not tell good. The situation seems unique and I think that relates to films and papers alike.
I had already pointed out in several places how tight it is for us a manufacturer of analog photographic material at current market prices.
The very efficient manufacturer (Kodak, Ilford) make it at your Losgroßen and shopping benefits, at market prices, realizing a small net profit.
The smaller producers, however hanging on by a thread and is costing her her neither depreciation nor repair expenses.
In Fotokemika is currently broken something which needs to be repapriert. Nothing great, worth less than a small car, but it's enough to put the commercial continuation of the entire premises in question despite the fact that here is a manufacturer withdraws the implementation still has several million.
For this strategic dilemma, we unfortunately can not find a solution as you can not assume that the competitive pressures will subside in the short or medium term.

Definitely not good :-(