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may be time for everyone to buy some film from Ilford and either shoot itup or throw it away, just to keep them busy.

just saying ....
I like the look of Efke films, but I also like Ilford Pan F. I have recently bought five rolls each of Efke 25 and 50 in small format, but will learn to use Pan F in this format too. I see no reason to buy and freeze more rolls of Efke now, if they maybe will continue to be produced in Germany, and I also want to support Ilford.

I will greatly miss Efke in sheet film and 127, if the emulsions go away. FOMA is still available, but they don't have any low speed films nor 127.

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But there's one small problem with Efke films... they're not panchromatic, but instead orthopanchromatic. This means I have to look elsewhere for a cheap 5x7 film for contrast masking transparencies. Perhaps Shanghai 100 film?
FOMA 100? It's cheap and probably of better quality than Shanghai.