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According to Mirko's Post Efke still makes millions but is supposedly unable to do a repair that costs less than a car. Weird

Just like Thomas said if I had the money I would buy Efke in a New York minute
Well, it is hard to say what repairs are necessary. I suspect that the repairs are probably a bit more difficult than repairing a car. Being able to reliably apply a very thin level of coating on a running sheet of plastic is likely a bit more precise than running down the highway. If the machinery is old enough that metal fatigue is beginning to set in, and you no longer have the ability to create the needed pieces, then it becomes a whole lot more challenging, and expensive. Very often companies with extremely old equipment will use parts from other, scrapped, equipment as a source of parts. But, obviously, that will only work for so long until the scrapped machines are totally stripped. And I suspect the film coating machines are not found in every scrap yard.

Finally, take it from a former business owner. "Making millions" in sales is not the same thing as "making millions" in profits. Not even close.