The shutter curtain is glued straight to the bottom brass roller and you might be able to carefully remove it however you may end up tearing it so it needs great care. New curtains are available The wooden sleeve is on the top roller, these often break but should just slide off.

If the shutter blind is OK usually it's just a build up of oxidation on the brass that slows the sprung roller because there's slight increase in friction the same can happen with the winding gear which has ato unwind on release. So the differance between a good smooth shutter and one that malfunctions is often just a clean and very light lubrication.

Whatever the roller's cleaned with must be fully removed I wash with hot water then use the meths/IPA to help drying after, I usually pop the roller in the oven at 50 C for 10 minutes to make sure all the moistures dried ot of it. They clean very easily.

There's normally a rubber liner in the front mouting versions, this was a sort of L shape so that the front of the lens barrel formed a light seal against the small bottom part of the L. TP sold these in different thicknesses to allow a shutter to fit slightly different diameter lenses. You'll have to improvise, I found a rubber washer that fits inside the mounting area of one of my shutters and have some neoprene or similar to make the circular band. I've also used velvet.

Hope that helps.