I've been planning on getting a darkroom going for a while now and I just stumbled across a potentially good opportunity to do just that.
There's a Fuji S69 enlarger available with a 50mm lens, 35mm/6x6/6x7 negative carriers and maybe a timer of some sort. For now, thats all the detail I've got. The seller said that she will get in touch with me tomorrow with more details and a price.
I'm just curious to know what this beast is like? Have any of you used/owned one? Is it any good? Are there any details I should be looking out for?
And.. What would one of these go for? I know prices are closely related to the condition of the equipment, but any ballpark estimate would help.
I might be buying up all she has and starting from there. Aparently she once had a running darkroom but I've no idea what has survived the (possibly) years of closet storage.