Ouch. Sounds worse than we expected. I can't believe the cost of the repair is less than $10k - maybe the machine is worth that, and cost that originally, but repair is specialized, parts would have to be fabricated, whatever. If it really were less than ten thousand we could just take up a collection. There are probably at least a thousand people who like their products enough to chip in ten bucks. I'd throw in $100 myself if for no other reason to continue to have the IR and the Silver Artist paper they were coating for Freestyle.

Thanks for the information Mirko. And to the point - charge what you have to. I'd much rather pay more for materials than not have them available at any price. I already use MCC 110. It's a great paper and NOT cheap. It costs more than Ilford MGFB, dramatically so if we compare the 25 sheet packs of MC110 from Freestyle (the only importer I am aware of) with 100 sheet boxes (in 8x10, same principle with different numbers in other sizes) of MGFB from other suppliers. 8x10 MCC 110 comes to $1.28 USD per sheet while MGFB is $0.94 (the former Freestyle 25 sheet packs, the latter B&H 100 sheet boxes) but - I use MCC 110 anyway. I don't use that much paper and my art is important to me. Within reason I will pay what the materials I prefer cost. Now if it were $5 a sheet, probably I would use Ilford or Oriental or something else. But if prices are even similar I will use the product I like best, not the least expensive one. I dare say most photographers doing traditional analog photography will do the same.