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Kodak should have legally defended the concept of "photography" against "digital picture-making".

LOL. Electronic imaging was around long before Kodak - just think of the space program images and video cameras. Digital was a logical extension.

Kodak could no more have stopped the "digital picture-making' tide than King Canute could stop the tide.

(Canute (or Cnut or Knut), a Dane who ruled England from 1015 to 1035, as well as Denmark, Norway, Parts of sweden, Pomerania and Schleswig, was a down-to-earth man anoyed by flattering courtiers who tried to tell him that he was all-powerful. To demonstrate that he was not, he had a throne placed on the seashore, sat in it, ordered the tide to go back, and duly got his feet wet.)

When technology develops to a certain point, there is no putting it back in the bottle.