Thanks John.. and it is true. Darkroom equipment in Rio is not the easiest thing to come by. The used market on pretty much anything here isn't as articulate or as well established as the one in the US (I lived in boston for almost five years). What ends up happening is that sellers cant find decent buyers, and buyers can't find decent opportunities. Consequently, most things end up in the dumpster. Ebay-like website MercadoLivre have a few going for anything between 200 to 400 US dollars. But I have no idea what the seller will be looking for. I was hoping to dish out something like 500 bucks for a complete (or close to complete) Lab in working condition (Enlarger, clocks, timers, trays, a lens and negative holders). Let's see what happens! I hope it's in some kind of decent condition.
Jerevan, for some reason there seem to be a few of them available in MercadoLivre, I guess they might have been popular around these parts at some point. Who knows?! Heheh! Thanks for your input!