Mirko, thank you for your communication with us all and for your efforts with Fotokemika.

Is paper pricing just as inelastic as that for film?

I "sort of" recall, from Efke marketing, that the paper was coated in a slightly different way to more modern systems. Sorry for more questions, but are/were the Adox Variotone, Varioclassic and Nuance papers coated by Fotokemika, or on your line in Germany? Is it even possible for it to run on the machinery you have for the (gorgeous) MCC and MCP papers? Maybe a couple of runs per year? It is so 'obvious' that you will have already considered this I'm sure, sorry about that.

Most likely the emulsion, the line and the knowledge will all be gone in a few months though. Does that leave a hole in the market, yes of course - but the global production-volume is probably such that there is still an over supply of paper and pricing will stay 'tough' for all manufacturers.