You know, the more I think about it, Nzoomed, I really never 'felt' it was a contact problem on the Olympus XA types. There is something about the (computer? processor?) that causes me to think that THAT is the real problem here. When the shutter has failed I always seemed to 'know' that in a few seconds it would work well again (for a while).

I have never owned a camera with that particular XA problem but with the Minolta electronic SLRs (X series) when I have bought from people who have not used the SLR for YEARS there is usually a 'boot up' process that the camera seems to go through (about 15 minutes of playing with it) before it 'remembers' to act properly and behave. It's almost laughable to anthropomorphize like this, but that is what happens: it needs 'discipline' and 'coddling': two diametrically opposed treatments!. - David Lyga