Hi people. I recently purchased a used RB67 Pro + Sekor 90mm 3.7 ( non C ) off ebay. It was in fair condition and everything seemed to work perfectly when I played around with it without any film in. I have loaded up a Portra film to use in my vacation in Greece ( mostly portraits with my wife ) - and everything seemed fine up to the point where I got towards the end of the film - and the cocking lever on the body got stuck.

This is my first medium format camera - but I did a lot of reading before starting to shoot it so I know I did nothing to get it stuck. I shot normally and after each shot I usually cocked the body + back so I new that for my next shot everything was set ( since this is a old Pro so it doesn't have the interlocks ). I shot 2 shots and after my 2nd one I wanted to cock the body as usual and I couldn't. Also the mirror stayed up and I couldn't get the lens off the body of course since it's not armed. I didn't bother with it until I got home.

I didn't know if it's a lens or body problem. But now I got the lens out ( using the paper clip method ). When cocking the lens manually off camera - everything seems fine, the speeds are accurate so the lens is fine. However, the body will continue to stay locked even without the lens - even if I strip everything off it ( back, RB adapter, finder, screen etc ) - so it's 100% a body problem. If I cock the body using 2 screwdrivers the mirror comes down, and everything behaves normally. If I cock both body this way and lens manually and then remount the lens - the camera will fire like it's suppose to but after the shutter release I am back to square one ( lever stuck, mirror up, lens stuck on body etc ) - and I need to take the lens out again as usual with the paper clip.

I have also tried a 180 lens on the body and it behaves identically.

Any advice on how to get the body unlocked ??
Any help is appreciated.