They don't have 4x5 listed on their web site either. And I'll probably continue to order my color film from NYC because they have a better selection of slide film. For B&W (I want to try some IR photography but am leaning toward the Rollei IR400 for that) they have the Ilford SFX, as well as HP4+, HP5+, as well as Delta 100, 400, and 3200 on the web site. The Ilford line is completely unavailable to me locally except for the store that will be opening in Springfield.

#Correction - they have three 35mm slide films - Provia 100f, 400x, and Velvia 100F. So maybe there is hope for this shop (and this slide shooter!)

I've been communicating with Doug on their Facebook page and they also develop and mount slide film, so I may have access to reasonably priced slide developing in my area other than Wal-Mart!!