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First, start by taking off the back, revolving adapter and lens. \
The body should cock and fire on it's own.
The camera body and interlocks are usually pretty robust, but sometimes wear and tear takes it's toll.

Since that seems to not be the case, what is your level of mechanical skill? the interlock is fairly easy to access and adjust, but not if you've got 10 thumbs.


Hi - I would consider my mechanical skills to be 8/10 ) I completely tore apart an iphone 3G and successfully put everything back again after repairing some parts. Also I almost completely dissasembled a Nikon 70-200 VR and put everything back together So I would definitely go for it. But I need a few pointers as to where the screws are so I don't tear up all the leather coverings like an idiot :P A repair manual would be absolutely great. I got 50 Euros back from the ebay seller I got it from so I could get another body - as the back + lens + finder + screen are all perfect - but it's a matter of principle here and I WANT to get the little piglet up and running again :P

So any pointers on how to get to the mechanical bits would be great.