I have reently purchased a Mamiya 645E with the 80mm f2.8 Sekor lens which is a very nice camera, very pleasant to work with but I discovered at last, what was all that talk about not-needing-to-turn-the-camera-when-wanting-to-shoot-verticals if I used square format.
Therefore I would like to offer my Mamiya for trade (or possibly sale) for some 6x6 SLR - preferably some version of Bronica SQa, but I would consider other 6x6 SLR as well (Bronica S2a, Kowa,...) if they are in good or better shape. Since I already have and use a rollecord I am not much interested in a TLR, save maybe a mamia C220 or C330.

Thank you for offers.

PM me for images if interested.