And nothing changes......

I wanted some B&W 120 film last weekend as I'd forgotten to take some on a day out, so knowing that Shrewsbury has two Jessops off I went in search of 120 film.
In the first branch, on a Saturday afternoon there was one person working and he was crawling all over some blond girl who was printing her holiday pictures at the machine. I looked everywhere for film, saw a few rolls of 35mm behind the counter, and waited for the assistant to come in the hope they had some 120 somewhere else. And I waited......then I left.
The second Jessops. I asked the young girl in a polite manner "do you have 120 roll film, preferably black and white ?" The expression on her face was not good, stunned was the best description. But gamely she reached to the shelf behind her and offered me a roll of Kodak Gold 35mm, "No, that's not it" I told her. Once again she reached to the shelf and proffered a roll of XP2 in 35mm. "No, I'm after 120 roll film" I explained again. "Well there is only two types of film made, colour and black and white, and that's all there is" she said, pointing at the half dozen rolls on the shelf.

I didn't get any film in the end, and Jessops will never see me through their doors again.