This is something that I frequently struggle with and am interested in this thread as well. I judge my test prints and prints in the darkroom under an incandescence light bulb in a reflector. Sometimes I'll move around the house checking the test prints in different lighting, but since I mostly print when it's dark outside I cannot use soft window light which I feel is ideal.

When I view my final prints I've made through the years I always view them under soft window light mixed with some interior house lighting. This makes the images pop. I find MGIV FB slammed in selenium can look slightly greenish still under house lighting, but under soft window light it just glows a cold charcoally blue black that is just spectacular. The opposite effect can happen with sepia toned prints. Under yellow house lighting they look very warm and when viewed under soft window light will appear much colder and lose much of the sepia tone. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. I'd like to put track lighting up in a room in my home to have a little gallery. Anyone know of any lighting or what color temperature most mimics soft window light?