Thanks for all the kind words!

The scoop from the owner who lives two doors down from me... it's stock, '69 black / red.

My daughter, the foot in the picture, has been playing the "slug bug" game this summer (she learned from my little sister). Everywhere we go around town I get punched whenever we pass an old beetle. There's a lot of them so I was starting to get sore. Told her maybe she should just tap me on the shoulder from now on.

Midway through summer this car appeared parked across the street from us. I tried taking a straight picture of her with the car earlier but the pose was awkward and the shot just didn't carry any feeling.

For the challenge I setup three shots. First shot, from the rooftop looking down over lemon trees on the circle the birch tree grows up from. Twin brother walked past for me several times. The slug bug was the next setup and I switched to 35mm but forgot to set f/16. Didn't realize that until I started shooting on the beach trail. So after I came back I finished the roll at the beetle at f/16.

This was the last shot on the roll, 37th frame. Seems dust flows downhill when I hang film to dry, the negative had lots of fibers on it. Took at least an hour to spot.