Destroya - give the Tetenal a try, dont worry, it is easy. You wont ruin any rolls trying to learn. I had never even done BW processing, when I first tried E6 1.5 years ago using the Kodak 5L kit. The worst I have done was ruined 2 rolls of EBX, becuase I tried to over use the Kodak kit to squeeze more than the stated capacity out of it - above stated capacity, and contrast builds up way too high. But neither my first roll, nor any other of the 150+ rolls I have done so far were ruined ( save what I just mentioned).
I have done more than 70 rolls so far on the Tetenal kit (on my second kit now), and can say that it gives results equal to the Kodak kit (unlike the Arista kit, which is inferior IME), that it is far easier to mix up and simpler to use with fewer steps, and that I actually prefere it to the Kodak now. Highly recommended, and far cheaper than trying to bulk purchase the Kodak chmeicals now in 25 gallon sizes.