Just a shout out / intro from a (film) newbie in Qld. Been shooting DSLR for 6 yrs now and bought a Rolleicord about 6 months ago and have been doing B&W development at home. Just picked up an RZ 67 kit to add to the MF fetish and hope to start doing my own C-41 at home too.

Chemicals have been a pain in the arse to source - I'm waiting hear back from AG Photographic to see if theyre still shipping C41 chemistry down here - as Vanbar didnt have individual chems that I need. Freestyle have the Unicolor powder kits but I've heard a kit with seperate bleach and fix will give better results.
At the moment I'm using a mail order place and paying $8 for C-41 and $12 for E-6 per roll + $6 for TIFF scans.
Looking forward to seeing some results from the new Plustek 120 scanner - to see whether its worth the investment.

Anyhow, great to have a forum devoted to film. Look forward to contributing something when I get competenent enough haha