We bought a Fakir vacuumer. Fakir is means poor guy and my Fakir is in poor condition. I have to find replacement parts.

The good thing about inflated mirrors , your f factor is faraway lower than the hand grinding so you can put the secondory mirror only far from the primary , 1 meter distance. But I dont know is that about shallower curvature or deeper curvature.
And I dont know what would be the magnification.

My inflating technology comes from 1960,70s Hippie Buildings , they called them domes , Mr.Bini from Italy was pioneer of that method , they lay a flexible plastic to the ground , cover it with centered star shaped steel flexible rods where rod ends connected to springs and pour concrete to top of two layers , when you inflate the film with less pressure than smoking , it elevates and in 2 days concrete pass the first stage of set and you remove the plastic.

There were lots of buildings at Australia made with that way and tens of extreme big silos at Pakistan.

Hippies like the idea and they built many small residents out of them , some made concrete yachts and traveled the world , you know.