I'd love to have a Mamiya 7. Awesome camera. But cool? Two different things I think.

To compare some non-RF cameras to give examples of what I mean, my Mamiya 645 Pro is a very capable camera, much more so overall than my Yashicamat 124. But the Yashicamat is a lot cooler. A Mamiya 7 is a lot more capable than a lot of these older 35mm RF cameras and I'd love to have one but for cool - I dunno, I think the Retinas and Feds and such are a lot cooler.

Plus, the camera I can actually afford is cooler than one I can't, and this thread has tempted me to pick up one of several different possibilities I can afford. A Mamiya 7 (or 6) while an excellent camera just isn't worth the money to me now.