I'm pulling this one out of the depths.....
Because I'm printing lith again.

I'll admit I didn't have much luck with the bleach and tone. I know it will work but I'd like to get back to a more simple approach first. I'd like to find a few papers I like and go from there.

I really like the tone I'm getting with fomabrom and a stronger 30:30:1000 ld20
I like the grittiness as well but want to find a paper that has a similar tone but smoother grain.
It seems my searches and descriptions I find keep turning up ADOX papers.
Anyone have comments on ADOX vario classic, MCC 110, or variotone warmtone?
I'll definitely try MCC because freestyle has a 5 sheet sample pack. If they all did I wouldn't be asking? ;-)

I have been dabbling with some old film negs but my main goal is printing with ambrotypes. What I've found out is the density is quite thin compared to film negatives. I'm only doing contact prints and I'm down to using a 7.5W bulb (no enlarger)to give me more time/control. I'm starting to learn more about just how far you have to go to get the blackest of blacks.
I spent an entire print session with this ambrotype learning about detail in the highlights (her face and shirt) and getting the blacks in the background. I'll be doing the same thing tonight with this plate to see what else I can learn....

Anyway, I got sidetracked there. I appreciate any comments on papers in general and also the ADOX papers.