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Are you sure about that, Ken? Ok we all agree Perez sucks, but who knows who the buyer will be, what kind of slashing they will do to quality control etc.
If the past is any sort of prelude to the future, yeah.

Besides, what's to keep Kodak (Perez and company) from being even more likely to slash quality control on their second go-around than a new buyer would be on their first? Especially if Perez's second chance goes as badly as his first? Putting the division up for sale means you don't want it. Buying the up for sale division means you do want it.

Reading the press release it doesn't look like Perez has changed a thing. Sounds like he has the same vision for Kodak's future after the bankruptcy as he had for the five-plus years before it. And we all saw how that turned out...

BTW, why is Perez still around at Kodak anyway??