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if you take that b&w neg and bleach it, wash it, expose it to light and develop in c41, ecn2, ra4 or e6 colour developer and then rinse bleach, fix, wash. Youll get colour out of it.
Athiril, what times would I need at each step? This sounds very interesting. Also when you say "expose to light" do u mean completely exposed in daylight? I hope this doesn't sound dumb.

@james in ga. Guess I should have mentioned, I did use an 85b filter. It actually calls for this on the box and says to meter at 320 because of the 2/3 drop from the filter. Since my ae-1 does ttl metering I left it at 500 for my comparison shot. Also tried everything between 100 and 1600, with the "best" images in the 100-200 range for color and about 400 for b&w.

My entire goal here is to get THE BEST RESULTS POSSIBLE USING C41. I know ec2 would be better but great results CAN be had from c41 (see links in my original post). I dont want three different sets of chems around the house because i dont shoot enough film to use them all. I was just looking for a bulk way to buy color and still be able to use the c41 rolls I have with the same chems. I may have failed. I like to expirimemt so I'll try a few more and if I don't find a good receipe I'll enjoy the rest as b&w. Thanks for everyone's input.