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I'm guessing not. It's probably E4. What worries me is that in the video she said, "there's only one place in the whole United States that can develop it, and that's in Colorado." Hopefully she isn't planning on sending it to Rocky Mountain Film Lab! For $42 she'll never see that roll again. Not to mention that statement may give people the wrong idea, that you can't film developed anywhere anymore.
nope --
i think she is giving people the right idea,
old defunct film that is found in a JUNQUE STORE camera bag
expired in 1960 can't be processed many places anymore ..
that is 100% true

and if it was modern c41 or e6 film there are not many places that process that anymore either
since kodak and fuji have abandoned the consumer drop off lab service ...

oh well, the present day reality for locally processed color films in a lot of places stinks