Almost everything I shoot in film is medium format B&W or slide film. I develop my own B&W and send the slide film to a lab. Then I scan the developed film and work with it from there on my computer. I've tried Portra 400 negative film a few times but am not happy with the colors I get when scanning my negatives. In fact they really suck and I'm looking for some advice.

I have an Epson V-700 and find that it works great for B&W and slide film. I used a cheap calibration software package called EZColor to make a profile for velvia slide film and it is really good. For B&W and color negatives I just use the drivers included in the Epson software. But the colors I get with color negatives are very unsatisfactory. They remind me of old faded prints from the eighties. I tried a few adjustments but haven't been happy with anything. I do PP in LR and none of the Auto settings get anywhere close and I just don't have good enough color instincts to know what manual changes to make.

I'm including a link to some examples.
In this roll I selected the pre-set for faded photos in two or three of them because it seemed to help just a bit. But still I think you will see that the colors are not very realistic. To my eye the blues and greens look way off.

Any advice will be great appreciated!