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Hi Sile, nice to see that you are still keeping an eye on us in case we suffer from overexposure

There is another tread titled 'Autumn Print Showing' which has just opened and details can be gathered there. We now meet in the Dublin Camera Club premises on Camden St. at 10 o'clock on the Saturday morning that we finally can agree will suit most people. This will be sometime in Sept/Oct/Nov. I just can't say at the moment but keep an eye on that tread.

Someone has to keep an eye on you Vincent...

Hopefully I'll manage to make the next meet up.. Not doing a whole lot of film photography at the moment to be honest, hence my quietness.. But I have discovered a love for my two daughters Instax cameras when I can convince them to lend it to me!

Anyhoo.. thanks again.. I'll keep my eyes on the thread.. as well as you lot