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Yup, start at the bottom first. I suspect the side opp the lever though, have seen lots of bent linkage problems with symptoms like this.

Although he says it started out of the blue on the last frame.

I once had an RB that mysteriously had a nut floating around in it that jammed up the works, maybe got in there from the mirror drive slot inside the camera when stored in his case without a lens or back?

Weird things happen.

Hi Paul - thanks for the support. I also got it from epatsellis - but I am not so sure where to start. Do I need to take off the lateral leatherette ornaments on both sides or simply start unscrewing the bottom scews? As I said the model is the old Pro ( not Pro-S or SD ) - so less interlocks to worry about. However - if I "arm" the body manually with 2 screwdrivers in the lens mount - everything is ok, mirror goes down - the camera fires - if I mount a lens when armed this way everything works as it should. So I reckon it's a problem that lies somewhere from the lever to the mechanism rather than the mechanism itself.

I don't have a lot of time on my hands these days but I will come back with details once I get on the little piglet