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I just realized I left you hanging on this...

Assuming you want to make 4x5" images...

2750 lp/in (@ 4x5") --> ?? @ 600 lp/in (imagesetter film)
2750/600 = 4.583x reduction

4*4.583 = 18.333"
5*4.583 = 22.9"

Looking at the on-line price list of a service bureau in my area, they charge:

19 x 25 $48.75
20 x 26 $54.50
22 x 28 $63.25

Hope that helps.

Right...exactly...a single master, generated at the native resolution of the imagesetter (600 lp/in works well for 2400 and 3600 dpi imagesetters). 3 different reproduction scales to get your rulings for imaging. BTW--Some can also image directly onto RC paper...it should support that resolution. And you have a reflective master to work with, instead of having to rig up a big backlight.
Revisiting this all-too-excellent idea today and have a few thoughts. So with a 600 lp/in screen of parallel lines printed on an ≈18.5"x23" paper, I have a master from which I can reproduce onto 4x5" film the appropriate line screens; 2750 lp/", 2400 lp/" and 2000 lp/". Furthermore, this master would allow one to make any frequency line screen, as needed, by simply changing the distance from which you are photographing it (the magnification factor).

My question is, what kind of lens is capable of doing this, and what kind of film? Would your typical process lens handle this? As for film, what about Arista Ortho Litho?