One of my first posts here was to ask about how people combined photography with having kids. What prompted this was comments made to my wife by her colleagues. I had given my wife some photos to show them and the feedback was along the lines of 'lovely snaps but just you wait until you have kids'. They said the same thing to my wife about her piano playing; 'after kids you'll give it all up'. I can't find my original post on that topic, however, last October my wife gave birth to our little boy and I'm just writing some observations on photography after kids.

  • - I'm shooting more, I have a new subject who doesn't complain.
  • - I'm shooting fast film because he's fast and often indoors, I'll really miss the look of Neopan 1600.
  • - I've had no problem fitting in developing film, I just work at the sink in the evening.
  • - It took around 7 months before I could get into the darkroom to print.
  • - Today I printed in colour and I'm extremely happy that my paper is ok - I haven't used it for 12 months.
  • - Likewise, I used RA4 chemistry that was mixed up 12 months ago and stored in pop bottles, it worked fine.
  • - When I'm out I have to work fast to get a shot, out little man won't wait.
  • - Everything is against the clock and I've written some rather curt messages & emails because of this - my apologies if I've done the same here.
  • - In all, there is photography after kids (maybe better photography), I wonder why my wife's colleagues quit their passions after their kids were born...

Neopan 1600, apologies for the glare.