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Holy cow! Last time I got gradients like that the answer was obvious... I'd reached for the Dektol instead of the D-76
Bill, you seem to have taken a liking to film testing curves, judging by your earlier comments on CPorter's, and others' threads. I'd love to hear any suggestions you may have...

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5 inversions in 6 secs is better than a cocktail waiter can do

I'd certainly slow down and reduce both sets of inversions. I have no idea by how much the contrast will be reduced but it should help. I'd imagine that at 6 in 5 secs every thirty secs the Xtol must get quite bubbly. Mine did even at 3 inversions over 5 sec so I took it more gently.

Thanks. I get very even development, and no bubble-related issues, but I suppose this has to influence the gradient. I just wonder if that is the key reason for my numbers.