I'd add it gets better too. It's a very family friendly hobby. The kids enjoy the attention of the participating in photography as subjects. They enjoy photo/exercise outings with me. They enjoy playing in the water in the darkroom. (don't let them be in presence of the chemicals unsupervised of course) There's more social activities involving their friends families, etc.. I've made some nice photos along the road after dropping her off at school in the morning that I would never have been in the right place / right time otherwise. If you've got studio strobes, you can light the whole room and not depend on fast/pushed film.

As far as women and photography go, I've seen lots of women quickly improve latent photography talent as a mother because they've got a great subject now.

Hobbies that require being away from home a lot could suffer, such as traveling to concerts, etc... Travel photography could, but there is plenty to photograph within my normal daily routes.