Want the Rolls Royce? Take out a second mortgage and buy a 210 Apo El Nikkor, if you can find one
and your enlarger will even support the weight of this kind of lens. But this is sheer overkill for any
ordinary use. Second choice -an ordinary Apo Nikkor; but at a max aperture of f/9 and shortest avail
FL for 4x5 also 210mm, not always practical. So then you're left with ordinary EL-Nikkors, etc - still
damn good. My mid-budget favorite is the Apo-Rodagon N 150. These turn up from time to time and
conspicuously outperform the herd. But unless your enlarger is precisely aligned on every plane, and
you are using a good glass carrier to keep the film consistently flat, none of this means much anyway.