HAHAH! The title really made me laugh. If you consider the insane thoughts that run through peoples' heads when you have a camera and take one photo of a child.. it's unbelieveable... I had some woman accuse me of being a "child molester" because I had a camera around my neck.
I think it'd be rather hard to molest a child with a camera, not that I'd try...
At that point I promptly told her to shut her mouth and back away from my car, especially since if she didn't, I really didn't want my kids to see what I might do to her with that camera I had in my hand.. Sure, it may have been a Leica IIIa, but I've heard they're built like tanks..

Anyway more in line with the thread... My hat is off to you as bvy mentioned above, being a "seasoned" photographer, and having a new child. I never got completely into photography until my son was 2 and I had another on the way.
Now I have more photos of the two of them than photos of anything else.
I have incorportated their daily lives into "practice," as I call it, of taking images of children, whether at play, or actually having my screens setup and lamps and strobes...

I would love to centre my studio around the photographing of children, as you don't have to force a child into a position, as they have a habit of just striking a pose that is 100% them. Nothing fake about the way they act, or how they will be portrayed in the photo..
heck, as a "Pagan Holiday with a tall decorated tree that Shall not Be Mentioned" gift, I took a few portraits of my sister's kids, with an odd digital shot in there, but the majority was on Kodak Ektar 100 and Rollei Retro 80s in my Bronica.

They all turned out quite lovely too!

Definitely something to try next year, except this time I'll try it more with my Studio camera (4x5 Monorail).

Keep it up! I can't imagine giving up my passion just because I have kids. Heck, it's the kids that have fueled my passion even more!