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Traditional 110 films were pre-exposed between frames, a feature intended to make it easier and more efficient for photofinishers to print: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/110_film
Whether new 110 films such as the Lomography or Fukkatsu releases have similar pre-exposures I have no idea. Kinda doubt it.
I like getting those extra couple of mm's in my Pentax auto 110 using non-perf 16mm film slit from 35mm.
As my illustration shows - Lomography films are pre-exposed. The B&W I develop myself, so it is on the film.
My 110 cameras actually do have a slightly larger image which shows slightly on the pre-exposed edges. At least for B&W, I too would just as soon have no frames, but I guess I'm too lazy to slit and load my own cartridges.